BCTRDC – Balraj Computer Training Research and Development Centre is an initiative by Balraj Software Pvt. Ltd. to provide a platform to young people in the country to do computer training, research and development and help in nation building.

We intend to provide the best training to the young people help them to understand computer and software. Also, develop creative thinking to innovate and invent new tools and technologies to solve real-life problems.

Balraj Arpit, Director has published several research papers in the field of Computer Science and Engineering at National and International Conferences. Also, he has designed and developed several platforms for young people where youth can, enhance leadership quality and mobilize their latent resources and skills towards the development of personal-ethics and commitment for a generation of Green Youth through knowledge and awareness. He has been recognized and awarded by several esteemed national and international organizations around the World.

We have a vision of bringing youth to the heart of development and we feel that helping to master computer will help us to reach our vision.